Frequently Asked Questions

We´ve gathered to most commonly asked questions about Jamboree22 on this page. Do you have a question you cant find that answer to here or anywhere else on ths site?

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We do not allow the use of alcohol or drugs, this includes all international participants.

No, there will be gas for sale at the campsite.

Yes there will be both showers and flushable toilets at the camp.

We will do our best to provide the necessary information in English, in some cases written and in other spoken.

Yes, it’s possible 30th of April with an increased total fee of 3200 SEK for participants and 2950 SEK for adult leaders.

Yes, all adult leaders must complete their local version of safe from harm to participate.

Will be provided before arrival.

If you need specific storage for medicine, please contact us and we will help you.

We as the Swedish Scout organization and planning committee of Jambore22 relay on the Swedish Authorities and their decisions of restrictions connected to COVID-19 and Visa applications.

Please visit this site for information regarding Visa and COVID-19:

The jamboree starts Saturday 30 July and ends Saturday 6 August, 2022.

Everyone is welcome! There will be activities for participants aged 10-18. Scouts and guides participate with a leader. You are welcome as a part of the IST, international service team, from the age of 18.

Scouts pay 2950 SEK and adult leaders 2700 SEK, including all activities and all meals. Note that the fee does not include travel to and from the site, personal or group camp equipment, pocket money for ice-cream, souvenirs, camp T-shirt etc. The participant fee for camp staff is 1500 SEK. (Lower if you also join the build-up before the camp and/or the take-down afterwards)

We hope and think that we will have more participants than at the last Swedish Jamboree in 2017, where we were 11.000 participants.

The theme for Jamboree22 is sustainability, defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The jamboree will be an exciting journey where the participants can explore their own ways to make the world a better place. Sustainability will be a theme affecting everything we do, both what we do and how we do it. Together we strive towards making the first climate positive jamboree ever.


For those 18 years and older we offer a wide range of volunteer camp staff tasks. As camp staff you will be part of a patrol and assigned to one or many different tasks during the week. In your registration you will have the possibility to list your interest for different areas of work. Registration for camp staff is individual and separated from the scout group registration. We expect the registration to open during mid-autumn 2020 and close on April 30th, 2022. As international camp staff you are expected to communicate in English. The participant fee for camp staff is 1500 SEK. (Lower if you also join the build-up before the camp and/or the take-down afterwards)

Norra Åsum, just outside the city Kristianstad in Skåne, the most southern part of Sweden. The camp site is close to where the World Scout Jamboree was held in 2011 and offer a lovely variety of open fields, forest and groves.

Something like ”Nora Awesome”.

As a part of our sustainability focus we highly recommend everyone who can to come by train. There are several daily direct trains from Copenhagen to Kristianstad C and from there a bus line takes you all the way to the camp site.

The online registration will open during mid-autumn 2021 and close on January 31st 2022 for scout groups and on April 30th 2022 for camp staff. More information about the registration and details needed will be included in the coming Bulletins. Make sure to register for the Bulletins in the contact form on our website.

All international scout groups will be paired with a Swedish host scout group well in advance so that you can make contact and prepare your practical arrangements for the camp. You and your host group will camp together and hopefully they can support you with some of the camp equipment needed etc.

The primary language at the jamboree will be Swedish but relevant practical information and activity instructions will be available also in English. Almost all Swedish people above 13 speak English so there will always be someone to ask if needed. Your host scout group will also be able to help you with any information or communication needed.

If you want to extend your adventure and stay a bit longer in the region, both we and our partners at Region Skåne are happy to help you with recommendations and information. Please have a look at