Glad deltagare leker i höt tillsammans med sina vänner

Prepare for a week full of existing events!

During Jamboree22 your patrol is gonna visit the four worlds Bling, Aero, Brigg and Metro!

Here is information about what the patrol can / should prepare to get the best program experience possible!


During the special day at Jamboree22 are etch patrol group able to express them self in a special design of a group flag. 

It’s up to each patrol group if you want to make your flag before the camp, or if you want to make it during the camp. It's going time in the beginning of camp to design it on the site. It's important to bring your own flag materiel.

Tips for flag:  

  • Thet it's going to symbolize your own group and maybe the jamboree22. 
  • Think that you are going to be able to carry around it and show it. 
  • That all in the group can be involved making the flag.


Patrol grope: 
Feel free to bring a patrol flag to be able to show which patrol you belong to. If you want and have the opportunity, you are welcome to make patrol shirts or something else to show which patrol you belong to.

The program:
For one of the week's program items, each patrol will need a craft to transport the patrol through the activity. The craft may be a maximum of 21x21x29 cm (it must therefore fit within an A4 paper) and have a place where the craft can be connected to a string. Carabiner or similar is recommended. The craft can be created to be transported on land, water or in the air.

Voluntary: During an activity for the adventure scouts, creation will be in focus. During the activity, all the material that the patrols need will be in place. However, we see an opportunity for the activity to get more variety with support from the scout corps. If your scout corps has leftover material that you do not use, it can be a fantastic addition to the activity. 

  • Materials that we think are good to bring are cardboard, fabric, strings / ribbons, nails, smaller wooden materials (flower sticks, ice cream sticks, smaller boards).
  • We can not accept materials such as electrical cables or plastic.

If you have a lot of material or questions about material, you are welcome to contact so we can plan for it in the best way. 


To be able to complete the different events as an Challengers each patrol group need to bring a “patrol group bag”, see packing list below. This bag will help you when you travel through time and space to visit the other worlds. If you are missing anything on the list, be creative and try to find something similar that can help you or create it yourself. 

The patrol bag must contain:

  • Blue ball 
  • Red ball 
  • Lifeline 
  • Knot rope, any length
  • Knob rope, 2 meters 
  • Table spoon / spoon 
  • T-shirt that is too big for everyone in the patrol 
  • A hanger 
  • Cutting board in wood  
  • Compass 
  • Mug
  • Wrench 
  • Pen 
  • Paper
  • 6 sided dice 
  • A foreign coin 
  • A nail 
  • A Green Balloon 
  • A small bucket (approx. 0.5 liters)