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International Scout and Guide project


Connect with the world of scouting!

WOSM (the World Organization of the Scout Movement) and WAGGGS (the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) European regions have recently launched Azimuth - a platform where you can contact other scouts in Europe. 

If you’re interested in getting to know more about campsites, events, exchange opportunities and volunteering offers in other European countries – you should browse Azimuth. 

Also if you want to market a jamboree, show your campsite, invite to an exchange or express interest in getting to know another group - Azimuth is the place!

On Azimuth you need to create a profile and can then post posts and respond to other people's posts, made by scouts, groups and national associations. You register at Azimuth.


Access to Azimuth here
Scouting in Sweden

International scouting on social media

To get to know what Swedish scouting has to offer we recommend the Facebook group Scouting in SwedenIf you have a general question and want to get to know people or ask a more direct question, it’s sometimes easier to get the information first-hand and make connections that last.

"Scouting in Sweden" is a well-visited Facebook group which acts as an arena for exchanging information. Here you are more than welcome to ask questions of almost any kind – and hopefully, you get an answer from someone also interested in experiencing international scouting. The group is also good for exchanging information or promoting international opportunities.

You may also visit @intscouting on Instagram.


Join the group "Scouting in Sweden".
Stay overnight / camping / a place to stay

Campsites and scout cabins in Sweden

Are you going to stay overnight or camp and need a place to stay?

There are about 1000 local scout groups that have cabins, and you can contact them directly to lend or rent for a night or more.

Most campsites and scout cabins can be rented all year round. They are rented to scout groups, companies and private individuals and they are owned and managed by scout districts and local scout groups.

Follow the link to "Hitta anläggning" / "Find a site".
You may search for a place with your own words (Fritextsök) or
browse through a specific region. Use the map!


Hitta anläggning / Find a site

Find a swedish local scout group

Find a local scout group to contact. Find local scout group near or far by searching and filtering, or navigating the map.

You don't need not to fill in anything if you don't know any specific town or location, then you just click on the map to zoom in and read more about our local scout groups. But if you aim for a specific town och a geographical location, please fill it in the box called "Search".


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