Discover the opportunities to make contacts with scouts all over the world and go on adventures abroad.

As a scout, you are part of a worldwide community with many fun and important activities.

Scouts create a better world together. There are scouts all over the world and we are over 50 million members all together in a large international network.

Scouterna – the Guides and Scouts of Sweden – continue to grow and today we have more than
80 000 members in the country of Sweden.

You are welcome to join us!


Scoutland - a country full of exciting adventures and unexplored places.

International scouting is the ticket to Scoutland. Here there are no limits to who you can be or want to be - it is up to you to decide!

Together with scouts from other countries, you discover your world, a community and new friends. Explore the activities and adventures you would like to go on in Scoutland here.

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Need translation?

Need more information in English or another language?

A lot of our webpages written in Swedish translates well with Google Translate. If you use Chrome as your web browser, you can easily translate the desired webpage with just a few clicks. Here´s how you do it:

  1. Open the webpage in Google Chrome
  2. Right-click anywhere on the site
  3. Click on ”Translate to English/Swedish/other languages”
  4. A small tool window appears up in the right corner of your web browser
  5. Click on your desired language. If you cant see your desired language in the translation tool, click on the three small dots and choose another language
  6. Voilá! The page is now translated. If you're lucky, you might as well get some good laughs from some oddly translated word that might appear from Google.

If you still can´t find what you're looking for, please send us an e-mail at: contact@scouterna.se and we will try to help you out.