The Guides and Scouts of Sweden exist because children and youth have a right to fun and meaningful recreational activities. Here they get to tackle challenges and experience growth within a safe environment and with good fellowship. We guarantee adventure and friends. The Guides and Scouts of Sweden is an independent organisation, unaffiliated with any religious institution or political organisation or corporation. Everyone is welcome to The Guides and Scouts of Sweden!

Our vision is “Young people who make the world better”. We continually work with young people’s personal development. At The Guides and Scouts of Sweden children and youth get the opportunity to develop for example, their leadership ability, self-awareness, self-confidence, and the ability to participate actively in a group. Here young people learn about inclusion and democracy. Here we develop future leaders of society and world improvers.

The Guides and Scouts of Sweden have developed a method called “Scoutmetoden” (Swedish), or the Scout Method in English. This method helps children and youth learn new things by doing and trying in a small group called a patrol. The Guides and Scouts of Sweden want all children and youth to be able to participate according to their own abilities. Therefore, we have developed resources and training for leaders to be able to adapt activities according to the needs present in the group.

Our values are based on The Scout Creed and is present in everything we do.

Our values are:

  • We’re on fire: We want a better world. Scouts work for justice, compassion and the environment. We care, locally and globally.
  • Nature is our living room: Scouts create challenges where nature calls for cooperation and problem solving. We see no obsticles. We are involved in the care of nature and sustainable development.
  • We meet in the world: We get to know each other and work towards peace. Scouts exist all over the world. We are different but also the same.
  • We have a large heart: Here all children and youth are welcome just as they are. We show each other consideration and respect. We are good friends!
Trygga möten

Safe meetings

All children have a right to safe recreational activities. A goal of The Guides and Scouts of Sweden is to make all our activities safe, secure and free from abuse and harassment. We give our leaders recourses and support to be able to act in case anything happens. The Guides and Scouts of Sweden do preventive work through leader training programs and resources for children and youth. We offer support and guidance to scout groups and parents when necessary. It is mandatory for all scout leaders to complete the training called “Trygga möten” (Swedish), or “Safe Meetings” in English. In addition, every third year, all leaders must hand in an official certificate proving that they have not committed any crimes.

We are growing

The Guides and Scouts of Sweden continue to grow and today we have over 75 000 members in the whole country of Sweden. There are also scouts all over the world and we are over 50 million members all together in a large international network.

You are welcome to join us!