What will happen att Jamboree22?

At Jamboree22 you will me ”the dream of a sustainable world”. We will take aim for a world we want to live in and visit other worlds we might stumble apon on the way there.

What´s a hubb?

A place for the agegroup

At Jamboree22 we want to make sure that everyone has a place here they belong and spend their spare time. That place is caleld a Hubb, and every age group has their own. Here you will find different kinds of activities, cafés, places to relax and many many new friends in your own age.

Explore new worlds

The first half of every day at Jamboree22 will be filled with program activites located in one of four different worlds placed around the camp. The worlds will help participants explorer what sustainablility can be.

Focus on the patrol

Everything that happening at Jamboree22 will focus around the patrol, the small group of 6-10 scouts who do everything together. The members of the patrol will explorer what the camp has to offer together and help eachother out. The patrols will also be imortant for everything htat happens at the campsite, from breakfast to cleaning. Everything is more fun when you do it together!