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On this page you can find practical information about Jamboree22 to help in your planning process.

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Traveling to Jamboree22

Jamboree22 is located in the south of Sweden. This opens for a variety of travel options. There is the easy options of traveling by road and taking aim for Kristianstad or Norra Åsum. There´s the possibility of flying in which case we recommend the international airport in Copenhagen from which trains for Sweden and Kristianstad leaves several times every hour. Trains are in general our preferred mode of transportation. The travel from Kristianstad train station to the camp site will be made easy with local commuting traffic and will be easily supervised by our volunteers.

Traveling into Sweden at the moment is made harder by the pandemic for a majority of countries around the world. We recommend you to keep an eye on the local restrictions of your home country and the Swedish government the months before your travel. Your group are responsible for your own travel to and from the camp. The same is true for countries in need of visa to enter the EU or Sweden. The camp organisation cannot take responsibility of your application but can help you find the information you need.

Obtaining a visa


Please refer to the official visa information from the Swedish government. If needed, the Guides and Scouts of Sweden can provide a letter of recommendation and proof of registration to Jamboree22. We can not provide any further assistance with visa applications, for practical and legal reasons.

Swedish host groups

We have invited Swedish scout groups to become hosts to one or more international groups visiting our camp. This is an ongoing campaign in line with the national registration. We hope to be able to connect all international group to a hosting local group in the early spring 2022. In case there's a shortage of local hosts the groups traveling the furthest will be first in line to receive a host group. This too make participation easier and the minimizing the need for materials to be transported over long distances.