Registration to Jamboree22

It´s finally time, registration to Jamboree22 has begun!

The registration is done in Scoutnet, the Swedish scouts registration system. Participants and groups register together, all at once while IST/Volunteers register them self separately. On this page we will help you with all practical information about the registration. Do you wish to learn more about our camp, then this page is for you!

Registration opens

The registration to Jamboree22 opens in the end of october for both participants and IST

The registration opens in Scoutnet for both groups and volunteers. As international participants you need to create users in the system to be able to register. We have created guides to help you with the registration process which you can download below.

Plan, inform and inspire

Now it´s time for your group to plan your participation, if you haven’t already, and gather information from all participants that want to join you at Jamboree22. Make sure to clearly inform and gather the information that both you and Jamboree22 needs in the registrations. Maybe your fee is different to the official one or you have a long trip beforehand.

The next step is to start spreading the word of the camp to your scouts and inspire them to register!


Participant registration

All groups gahter the needed information from members and participants.

Now it´s time for your participants to register.

Start with creating a registration in your usual system, Google, Forms or something else. When all information is gathered transfer it to the excel sheet linked further down on this page, this will make registration in Scoutnet simpler. This process is better explained in our guide.

Volunteers register directly into Scoutnet.

You close your own registration

When you´ve gathered all information and filled in the excel sheet, transfer all information to Scoutnet.

Registration closes

the registration for groups close the 31st of januari 2022

The registration closes on the 31st of January 2021. It will be possible to make a late registration until 30th of april, to an increased fee of 250kr.


The camp fee will be billed in the middle of February. The bill will have a 30 day payment period and will be sent to the group and not individual participants.

IST registration closes

The IST registration closes the 30th of april 2022

Volunteer registration is made in a separate registration in Scoutnet. It is not connected to any group but purely individual. You need to create a use in scoutnet if you haven´t got one already. Follow our guide for more information.

Prepare for the camp

Make all the needed preperations for traveling, and packing.

30 July - 6 August

Group registration

All participants younger than 18 year must be registered in a group together with one or more adults.

The group registration is done in Scoutnet. Instead of each participant registering themselves the person responsible for the registration will gather all needed information. This can be done through google, forms or our Registration Excel Sheet linked below. This information can then be transferred into Scoutnet manually or by importing the excel sheet. Once all information on all participants is registered in Scoutnet the groups registration is done. Don't forget to answer the group specific questions and assign everyone a participation fee.. We have created a guide to help you in the registration process.

IST Registration

The registration for volunteers who are not joining the camp together with a group is done in a separate registration.

To register in Scoutnet you need to create a user. Press the button for guest user to easily create a new user in the system.

When your in the system search for Jamboree22 - Funktionärsanmälan, or follow the link below

Once you´ve found the event press Register for volunteers. Fill in the form and then confirm your registration.

Terms and Condition

To register to Jamboree22 all participants, groups and volunteers must agree to our terms and conditions.