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About us

In Swedish the word scout has no gender and means both guides and scouts alike. Scouterna literally translates to ”The Scouts”. We are a part of the world guide and scout movement as members of WAGGGS and WOSM. You are welcome to join us!

"The scouts are the best! I show myself and others that I want to be a nice friend!"

Mira, 8 years

Scoutmetoden - we see it as a puzzle where all parts are equally important.


“Scoutmetoden” is the method on which all activities in the Swedish scouts are based. You get to play, be challenged, get involved, learn to take decisions and to solve problems. You will discover and learn new things - about nature, the world and yourself. Together we create scouting.

Best Practices

Susainable events is our mission and our meetings and arrangement should be environmental friendly. We aim at minimising the negative impact , while also working towards increasing the positive one. 

This page is in Swedish, but you can easily translate it in your browser.

Our vision is “Young people who make the world a better place”.

The Guides and Scouts of Sweden develop future leaders of society and world improvers. Here young people learn about inclusion and democracy. We want all children and youth to be able to participate according to their own abilities. Therefore, we have developed resources and training for leaders to be able to adapt activities according to the needs present in the group.


Internationell sekreterare | International secretary

Mio Kuschick


International Commissioner WOSM

Joel Bergstrand

International Commissioner WAGGGS

Linn Ternefors