Contact with Swedish Scouts

Spårarscout sträcker upp händerna i luften i en välkomnande gest

To the same extent as you would like to come in contact with Swedish Scouts, Scouts in Sweden most surely want to come in contact with you!

Contact information

You can always send an email to for more information.

More about Contact with Swedish Scouts

The Guides and Scouts of Sweden have a contact form to ease the possibility for international scouts and guides to get in contact with Swedish scouts/guides. You can find current contact requests from Swedish scouts/guides below. Please read through the posted forms and contact the assigned contact person if you find a match to what you are searching for.

If you cannot find a current contact request that confirm your wishes, please fill in a new form describing what you want out of an exchange with Swedish scouts/guides and what you have to offer to the respondent. Your contact request will then be sent to our international secretary to verify your membership within a scout or guide organization of WOSM or WAGGGS.

Remember that:

  • we will publish your contact information, so Swedish scouts/guides will be abled to contact you directly
  • be clear if the information you are submitting is flexible or permanent
  • your text will be automatically deleted after three months from the publishing date. If you do not find the contact you desire, please fill in another form to be published again


Contact form for non-Swedish guides/scouts

  • Drop files here or